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Kompilasi Harta Intelek Warisan Pantun Tiga Serumpun

Posted at 28 Sep 2021, 12:24 AM

Kompilasi Harta Intelek Warisan Pantun Tiga Serumpun is a compilation of poems (pantun) from 118 poets of the three brothers (serumpun) countries which are Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. This compilation highlights ten themes inclusive of ethics, humanity, patriotic, regional-diplomacy, family, idioms, artist and personage, current issues, love and the brotherhood’s culture. Each theme is divided into two categories of pantun which are advice and knowledge. This opus compilation succeeded due to the solid collaboration from the three associations representing each country’s participation. 

Succession of the opus brings out difference between each of the pantun created as every verse manifests various backgrounds, events and history as well as current issues occurring in the respective countries. Through the combination of allusion and purpose, each verse is unique in their diction, articulation and narration. Succession of the opus is hoped to lift and enrich this traditional heritage so that its legacy is maintained in this modern age.

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